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Your tires are more than just rubber. They’re the only thing between you and the road. So make sure they’re working in top shape. JT. Tires offers fast, affordable fixes to get your car back on the road in no time. 

From tire replacement to wheel alignment to wheel balancing, we do it all for you in two shakes. We want you to ride the best roads without any stress. We have a variety of wheels at our store, so you don’t get into any hassle of finding the right rings for your vehicle.


You deserve some peace of mind. Leave fixing to us!

We Keep Your Tires Moving

Planning a road trip? Ensure the safety of your family by ensuring your tires are up to standard. We offer a range of services to keep your tires in perfect condition. Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle with new tires or get your previous one repaired, we do it all. 

If you are experiencing vibration on the car’s steering wheel or your car being shaky during a ride, it’s time to visit JT. Tires and get your vehicle tires balanced. We provide wheel and alignment services to make sure your wheels are spinning smoothly. We have a wide range of tires and variety of wheels. 

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We Keep you Rolling On The Road

We are a family-owned and operated wheel & tire company that has been in business for decades. We are committed to giving you trusting and transparent tire & wheel services in California at a fraction of cost. 

We replace your worn tires with new one’s and choose what perfectly goes with your beast. Our experts stay with you from beginning till the end, so that you experience the best services at our shop. If you want to get your tire changed for an old vintage car or a new Maserati, we repair and replace them all. We deal with all vehicle makes and models and bring them back to their tip-top condition. 

With us you can enjoy your old ride like a new one because we improve your tires functionality and enhance your vehicle overall performance. So next time whether you need a new set of tires or just want to know why your gas mileage isn’t what it used to be, JT. Tires will help you find the right solution.

Experience Better with JT. Tires

Your car is one of your most important investments, so make sure it never leaves you stranded. Get your wheels balanced and keep your tires in perfect condition. We save you from costly repairs and encountering sudden frustrations on the road. If you want to take your car to tough roads, your existing tires might not be perfect. We got all terrain, mud tires, snow tires, and used tires. We are your one-stop shop. Get the best tire brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli and more!

We are aimed to provide you hassle-free services. When you take your vehicle to us we inspect it properly and give attention to each detail that it deserves, so you take a ride back to your home without any hitch.

We Care and Repair

We love fixing your vehicle with perfection – that’s why our customers Love us!

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We have hired professional and tech-savvy technicians from all over the world. You get hands-on experience at JT. Tires.

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Our repairs are always up-to your expectations. We are committed to delivering our clients with perfection and satisfaction.

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We are providing quality with affordability. We have tailored our packages so they come within your budget.

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frequently asked questions

Here are the signs when your vehicle needs to have an alignment:

  • Steering wheel doesn’t return to center
  • You feel your vehicle pulling to the left or right.
  • You notice abnormal tire wear in certain spots.
  • The handling feels loose.

Depending on the model and make of your vehicle, replacing a single wheel bearing can take 90 to 120 minutes.

The most prevalent cause of vibration is problems with your wheels or tires. When you feel anything like this take your vehicle to JT. Tires.

It takes the average mechanic about 15 minutes to patch a tire. Most shops charge around $120 per mechanic hour, so you’re looking at $30-$40 for time and parts.

We have a variety of wheels at JT. Tires. We have all terrain, mud tires, snow tires and used tires as well.