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Is your vehicle emitting too high of a level of pollutants? JT. Tires are the premier shop for emissions and fuel system repair in Roseville, California.

Don’t worry, we will handle it for you. We safeguard your fuel & emission system and keep you safe from federal law charges. When you keep your emission system maintained it helps your engine run smoothly and prevents you from encountering unexpected issues on the road. Get your emission system inspected today!


Your mind deserves some peace. Leave fixing to us!

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Emission & Fuel Tune-Ups

Are you looking for a perfect shop that handles and maintains your fuel and emission system? Look nowhere else than JT. Tires because we have hired the best in-house technicians for you. We perform fuel testing on your vehicle which includes testing your diesel fuel, fuel oil, and biodiesel. It makes easier for you to know the root cause of many problems.

We are not only your maintenance shop, we are your vehicle’s best friend. We love working under the hood. Our professionals suggest what is best, so you leave the rest to us. 

It’s important to maintain your emission system so the warning light on your dashboard doesn’t flashes in the middle of the road. We know your vehicle inside-out the best, so bring your vehicle and leave all the dirty work to us.

It’s important to keep your emission system maintained so that the warning light on your dashboard doesn’t start flashing in the middle of the road. We know your vehicle inside-out so bring your vehicle and leave all the dirty work to us.

Hands That Understand Auto Care

Are you maintaining your vehicle air filters? If not, you’re risking your engine life. We handle everything from fuel injection cleanup to EVAP diagnostic system repair. When you bring your vehicle to us, we clean fuel injectors, remove the carbon deposits, and restore the fuel flow of your vehicle again. 

Environmental wear and tear affects your fuel system but we restore its ability and get that in perfect shape for you again. We also check and replace your cabin air filter so your vehicle doesn’t break down on the road. 

Benefits of fuel injection cleanup:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Save money on fuel costs
  • Restore and boost the performance of your vehicle
  • Increases your engine life

Clean & Clear Filters

Fixing your vehicle to perfection is what we do – that’s why our customers Love us!

Free Inspection

When you bring your vehicle to us we completely inspect your vehicle emission and fuel system.

Complete Services

We clean up your fuel injection, and air intake system and perform smoke testing on your vehicle.

Delivery With Perfection

We check your EVAP diagnostic system and return your vehicle when it's good to be on road.

Here's Why Our Customers Love Us

frequently asked questions

The purpose of emissions tests is to make your car run better, longer, and more efficiently, as well as to keep our environment cleaner. They are a critical part of car maintenance.

 The problems associated with emissions and exhaust systems are not good. It can potentially cause internal damage to your engine, resulting in performance issues.

In most cases, you can expect the repair work to cost around $200, depending on the exact cause. Replacement of an exhaust system starts at approximately $175, depending on the type of car you drive.

A professional can clean one or more fuel injectors in about 45 – 60 minutes with the right equipment and chemicals.

You should get your fuel injection cleaning after every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. You can visit us at JT. Tires for all fuel and emission services.